Stay n Play Child Care, LLC -
Child Care Checklist:

Choosing a child care center can be a tough decision.  We all want what's best for our children and to be able find someone to care for them like they were their own.  Below is a helpful checklist for you to know what types of questions to ask as you are touring centers and finding out what is the best fit for you and your family.

*What ages are accepted?
*What time can I drop my child off and pick them up?
*What holidays are you closed?
*What are the policy's for closing due to bad weather?
*Do you have space available for my child?
*Can I choose from full time or part time schedule?
*Does my child need to have a set schedule every week?
*Can I visit the facility without an appointment?
*Is a director conveniently available to answer questions?
Staff Training and Center Licensing:

*Is the center Licensed or Accredited?
*How long has your facility been providing child care?
*What is the caregiver to child ratio?
*Does the staff have training in early childhood development?
*Is the staff trained in CPR?
*What is the staff turnover?
*Are background checks completed on staff members?

Daily Activities and Schedules:
*Are nap times provided? What time and where?
*What activities will be available for my child?
*Will my child go on field trips outside the facility?
*How much time do they watch television during the day?
*Do you offer transportation? If so, from what schools or locations?

*Are meals and snacks provided by the child care?
*Are the foods nutritious and "home cooked"?
*Is a menu posted?
*Do you have adequate storage for breast milk?
*Does the center allow for special needs diets?

*How are the  children disciplined?
*How is potty training handled?
*Are the children given lots of love and encouragement?
*How does the staff interact with children?

*Does the center have an outdoor playground?
*Are there personal cribs for infants?
*Are there separate rooms for each age group?
*If there smoking on facility premises?
*Are animals allowed on facility premises?
*Are there provisions for children with special needs?
*What toys are available and are in they in good condition/up to date?
*Is the center clean and well-kept?
*What is the sick/incident policy?
*Are immunizations required?
*What is the policy for administrating medication?
*What is the plan for emergency situations?
*Are there restrictions on who may pick up my child?
*Are parents called when a child does not show up at the appropriate time?
*Does the playground equipment meet safety standards?
*Are there first aid kits?
*Are there smoke detectors and marked fire exits?
*Do the safety gates work?
*Does the center(inside and out) look safe?

*How often are the toys washed?
*What is used to sanitize?
*Do caregivers  wear gloves at the appropriate times?
*Do caregivers was hands?
*Are children taught to wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet?
*Is soap and paper towels provided in each classroom?
Registration and Fees:
*How do I register my child?
*How do I reserve a space for my child if I am pregnant or need future care?
*What are the child care enrollment fees?
*What is the tuition rates and what day to I pay?
*Do you accept any kind of financial aid?
*Are their sibling discounts?
*Are there extra charges for late payments, late pick ups, etc?
*Is vacation offered?
*Do I still pay if my child was scheduled but become ill?
"Before you make a decision on a child care facility, don't forget to factor in how convenient the center is to your work or home.  Decide who will be dropping off and picking up your child.  Figure out if the child care center's location and hours provide enough travel time.  Remember to include extra travel time for a late meeting or inclement weather.  Remember caregivers should be able to answer each one of these questions."