Stay n Play Child Care, LLC -
It is our goal to find the best of the best Early Childhood Education Teachers for your children.
Our staff is mature, professional, and really know how to have fun at the same time!
Tiffany O'Neil
Being the oldest of four, Tiffany has been caring for children since she was a child herself. In 2008 she adopted her niece and nephew, which made her a single mother overnight. Now married and with a third (biological) child, Tiffany is an ambitious, dedicated, and busy mom who is excited to raise the bar in childcare. Her extremely high standard for quality childcare shows in her dedication to starting and operating Stay n Play Child Care. With her experience as a mom, in working with people with special needs, and her own in-home licensed childcare center, Tiffany has a caring and understanding approach to working with families.
Felicia Handt
Felicia is very happy to join the Stay and Play team.   Felicia has no problem stepping up and making improvements.  Everyone who knows her knows that she really puts her heart and dedication into her profession.  She has all the updated classes in child care, an Associates degree, and her Administrator's Credential through the Registry.  Being a mother of a beautiful daughter, experience in babysitting, tutoring, and many years of child care, teaching has helped put her where she is today.  Felicia's motivation and passion for children has brought her a long way already.  She continues to move forward in her career and fulfill her goals in making a difference in the lives of children.
Cindy Veeser 
Lead Teacher
Ms Cindy is our Preschool teacher.  She works with ages 4-5 years to help prepare them for a big step in their lives...Kindergarten!!  With many years of experience in child care and being a wonderful foster mother to many, Cindy opens her heart to everyone around her.  Her passion and joy for children is amazing.  She is a very hard worker and a great team player.  Cindy has lots of continuing education that is needed to be a lead teacher.  She really knows how to raise the bar with her excellent teaching, organization, and motivation skills.  We are so lucky to have her be with us to help make Stay n Play the best child care center around.
Rachael Cummings
Lead Closing Teacher
Racheal is the Lead Closing teacher at Stay n Play Child Care. She joined the team in August, 2014 to gain even more experience in the Childcare field.  Racheal has lots of experience working with children and has been in group childcare since 2010.  She recently moved to Green Bay and is currently attending UWGB.  She is double majoring in Humanistic Studies and History. Racheal will be graduating in Fall, 2016. Her hobbies include reading, going to concerts, taking care of her pets, and spending time with friends.  She is eager to watch your children grow and learning!

Hale Cormier
Lead Teacher
Hale is so happy to be our Infant Room Teacher as of August, 2014.  With many years of experience working in child care and Montessori schools, she is excited to share her knowledge and love with Stay n Play Child Care.  She loves her babies and shows her strong passion for the children.  Every day Hale communicates to our families about their child's day and how much they enjoyed the stories she has read, the art they have made, and their developmental milestones that have taken place.   Stay n Play is so lucky to have such a wonderful Infant Teacher.
Mary Jane Hokenson
Lead Teacher
As of Summer, 2015, Mary Jane has become a part of our Stay n Play team.  She has completed her Intro to Early Child Care and Infant and Toddler course to become our Lead Toddler Teacher.  Mary Jane is in the process of expanding her knowledge in other Early Child Care classes and is always looking for new ways to learn.  We are pleased to have Mary Jane as one of our best teachers and appreciate all her hard work, strong dedication, and extreme passion for our little ones who are enrolled.

Courtney Schmook
Lead Teacher

Melissa Barre
Floating Lead Teacher